Women and environment

Supporting women in social entrepreneurship through the creation of an organic and local grocery store in a priority neighbourhood

Saveurs en Partage France, Ile-de-France Project supported in 2020


The project

The “Saveurs en Partage” project is the result of the encounter between 5 women from the 20th district of Paris: 1 retired school principal, and 4 housewives or part time working women with an immigrant background. They noticed the inexistence of environmentally conscious grocery stores made accessible for lower-income families.

Consequently, and thanks to these women’s wish to create their own activity, the “Saveurs en Partage” project was launched: a food store located in the neighbourhood of “Les Portes du Vingtième”, offering quality products either from fair trade, short food supply chains, organic production or sold loose. A double pricing system (70% discounts) will make first necessity goods accessible to people entitled to social benefits – mainly single mothers. Participative workshops on the questions of health, nutrition, and sustainable development will also take place.

This project will enable women entrepreneurs to create their own activity and develop their competence to act whilst facilitating the access to a healthy diet for families living in precarious conditions.


5job creations
1store offering organic, lose or short food supply chains products
240precarious families will benefit from it by 2020

The association

Saveurs en Partage aims at promoting the access to local and healthy food products for low income families.

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