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Pupilles de l’éducation publique France, Hauts-de-France Projet soutenu en 2022 - Programme Education et leadership des femmes


The Pas-de-Calais is the second French department with the most pregnant minors (the first is Reunion). In 2020, 321 mothers under the age of 18 were registered, including 98 under the age of 16. The youngest was 12 and a half. Initial estimates for 2022 suggest that there will be between 500 and 600 pregnancies among underage girls in the department. These young people are often off the radar or are only occasionally taken care of by existing services. They are seen solely as mothers and receive little support in staying in school and in building their personal project.

In response to these difficulties, the Pas-de-Calais association, Les Pupilles de l’Education Publique (PEP 62), has initiated a consultation with the actors in the area concerned by the support of these young girls: The Departmental Council, the Departmental Directorate of National Education, the Home and Hospital Educational Support Service, school principals and academic staff, social services, the Centre for Information on Women’s and Family Rights, the CPAM, the CAF, the network of vocational integration day care centres, early childhood professionals, the Mother and Child Protection, etc. The SAMELYCO project was born out of this consultation. It aims to coordinate a support programme for young mothers, from the 4th month of pregnancy to the child’s 3rd birthday, so that they can continue their schooling at school or at a distance via the SAPAD (implemented by the National Education System).

70young mothers benefiting from the project

The association

The association Pupilles de l’éducation publique du Pas-de-Calais works with children who are in difficulty due to disability, various disorders, family breakdowns, difficulties at school, disadvantaged school environment, etc. The association supports more than 6,400 children and adolescents in social and medico-social establishments. It also has an educational and social assistance service and a holiday and discovery class service.

PEP62 | Association départementale des pupilles de l’enseignement public

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