Women and environment

Support female farmers living below the poverty line whilst promoting the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in rural areas

Objectif France-Inde India Project supported in 2021



In the rural areas of the State of Tamil Nadu, South India, climate change of drought and land degradation have caused economic isolation. The population have struggled, especially women, who are poorly qualified and discriminated against because of their gender. With its local partner SEVAI (Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement) which manages government-subsidised microcredits, and the association Objectif France-Inde (OFI) supports the creation of Self-Help Groups (SHG) and Joint Liability Groups (JLG) for the most vulnerable women living below the poverty line.

In 20 years, the two NGOs have helped form 10,000 SHGs that has aided 150,000 women to escape poverty, by giving them access to microcredits which has positively facilitated their business activities. With the success of these initiatives, OFI and SEVAI wishes to devote further reinforcements for the health crisis and to ensure food security for rural populations; dedicated to help the opportunities for the female farmers.


3water tanks renovated by 405 female farmers
845women grouped into SHGs and supported with business development skills

The association

Objectif France-Inde was created in 1998 by volunteer consultants to support the education, rural development and women’s empowerment throughout the two southern Indian states.

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