Women and environment

Provide housing, social and professional inclusion of women. Funded by cardboard box recycling workshops

Carton Plein France, Ile-de-France Project supported in 2021



Throughout France, 143,000 people are homeless, and this includes 3,000 people in Paris alone. They live in poor housing and dangerous conditions. Most of these people are unemployed and do not have access to social services, Carton Plein was created to help provide housing, medical needs, counselling and financial support. With the increased poverty and waste in France, the association aims to bridge both issues with the socio-professional integration and recycling workshops of cardboard waste.

Unfortunately, the percentage of vulnerable women living on the streets is far greater than men, as they are more exposed to abuse and are trying to escape. Carton Plein is a pilot project aimed at encouraging the participation of women in the association’s integration scheme.

Objectives :

  • Gender equality initiatives carried out
25vulnerable women will receive support

The association

Since 2012, Carton Plein aims to reduce the cardboard waste in Paris whilst promoting the social and professional inclusion of vulnerable people, this is achieved through cardboard recycling schemes.

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