Women and environment

Accompanying women towards more sustainable production methods and supporting them in the creation of a cooperative

Empow’her Niger Project supported in 2020


The project

In Niger, drought and floods are compromising food security for inhabitants who essentially live from farming. As for women, they suffer from a lack resources, which prevents them from generating enough revenues to provide for their own needs.

As an answer to this issue, Empow’Her is leading a training project for agroecological practices (manufacture of organic fertilizers, crop rotation, well-thought irrigation system, seeds preservation…) among a group of 85 women farmers in the village of Kirkissoye. These women will also be supported to structure their own cooperative and 10 women leaders will be designated to build an all-female network of ambassadors, charged of promoting good practices to members of the community. Advocacy work – particularly on the issues of access to land for female farmers – will be conducted and aimed at village leaders and local authorities. This project will help women get better agricultural yield and generate more income, while emphasizing on the role of women within their communities.


85women trained to agroecology
1cooperative created
150members of the community made aware of the issue

The association

Empow’Her works for the empowerment of women around the world and for the elimination of all types of discrimination against them, through the promotion of their access to education and training.

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