The Comede and Triangle Generation Humanitaire, winners of the 2019 RAJApeople prizes

27 June 2019

On June 21st 2019, Danièle Kapel-Marcovici, President of the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation and CEO of the RAJA Group, presented, on behalf of RAJA employees subscribing to the microdon, the 2 RAJApeople Prizes 2019 for the amount of € 7,141.01 each to the Committee for the Health of Exiles (Comede) and Triangle Génération Humanitaire for their remarkable actions in favor of the emancipation of girls and women.



The employees of the RAJA group are committed to women thanks to the pay rounding

Since 2013, the RAJA Group has been offering its employees the opportunity to participate in the microdonation (rounded over salary) to support associations funded by the Foundation. This year, thanks to the solidarity of 139 microdonors, €14,282.02 were raised. They have been invited to vote for their 2 favorite associations, one in France and the other internationally, that will receive the RAJApeople Prizes and share the total amount of collected donations.

The RAJApeople france prize granted to the committee for the health of exiles


The RAJApeople France Award was granted to Committee for the Health of Exiles (Comede) for its project « Improve the quality of life of vulnerable migrant women » in France. In response to the worsening conditions of access to care and rights of exiled women going to the Comede (Ile-de-France) for free support, the association wishes to strengthen the care of women in a way adapted to their specific problems.

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We are very touched and very proud to receive this award that will allow us to develop the activity Art Therapy for women victims of violence in Saint Etienne. This dance workshop is intended to be developed in order to include the therapeutic approach of women victims of violence in a reappropriation of their body, space and care. Collective workshops, led by the gynecology and sexual health referent, will also be developed within the other Comede devices.Céline Pellegrin, funding officer.


The RAJApeople international prize granted to the association Triangle Generation Humanitaire

The RAJApeople International Award was awarded to Triangle Generation Humanitaire (TGH) to reward its project “Protect and support young girls from Bangui Street” in the Central African Republic. The number of girls living on the streets of Bangui has risen sharply since the outbreak of the political-military crisis in late 2012, and they are victims of physical and sexual violence and exploitation, and / or accused of witchcraft. TGH and its partner the Voix du Cœur Foundation lead prevention and social and educational reintegration initiatives for these girls.

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We sincerely thank RAJA and the Foundation, and more particularly all the employees of the Group. Thanks to this award, we will continue our maraudes, provide nursing care to young girls and, where possible, house them and provide them with education or vocational training.Louise Arnoux, assistant missions manager.

Danièle Kapel-Marcovici has concluded this award ceremony “A great BRAVO to the two winners for their actions! And thanks to microdonators for their solidarity! “.


About the 2018 RAJApeople prizes

The endowment of the RAJApeople 2018 Prizes, which amounted to € 13,419.36, was shared between the two winning associations, each of which received € 6,709.68.

The 2018 RAJApeople France Prize enabled Gynecologie Sans Frontières to work on the creation of a platform to help and support all its volunteers wishing to engage with exile women and children everywhere in France.

The 2018 RAJApeople International Prize enabled ANAK-Enfants d’Indonésie to finance the setting up of practical workshops for students (making Indonesian biscuits, salted and sweet, for example). 24 girls were able to take their first steps in entrepreneurship, learning to manage a micro-economic activity, negotiate prices, and use the tools of live sales.

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