Commitment of RAJA employees

The development of the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation’s actions is at the heart of the RAJA Group’s societal commitments, within the framework of its policy of environmental and social responsibility. A set of mechanisms and operations are thus implemented to involve employees, as well as the Group’s partners (customers, suppliers...) on the causes and values defended by the Foundation.



The RAJApeople Collaborators Involvement Program

Embedded within the RAJA Group, the Foundation’s mission is to sensitize the employees of the company to its action and the cause it defends, while encouraging them to engage with it. Launched in 2013, the RAJApeople programme offers RAJA France employees different ways of involving themselves to support actions in favour of women:



Very simple to set up, the micro-donation allows RAJA France employees who wish to deposit, every month, from a few cents to 50 euros to the Foundation. The amount collected throughout the year is then abounded by the company. Once a year, employees subscribing to microdonations vote for associative projects that they prefer among those supported by the Foundation. These projects win the “RAJApeople Prize” and all the funds raised over the year.

“I first heard about the microdonation scheme when I got back from maternity leave, and it made perfect sense. I don’t have the time to get involved with women’s rights campaigns more actively, so this is a great way for me to contribute. Since the donation comes straight out of your wages, you don’t even think about it. Except when the times comes to vote for the RAJApeople prize. That’s when you realize that, even if your microdonation doesn’t seem like much, when we all come together it adds up to something much bigger. There are two advantages for us as donors: by making a donation we’re contributing something, and by voting for our favourite project we can lend concrete support to a charity which means a lot to us.” Eva, RAJA employee, microdonor since 2014

Did you know that?

293 is the number of companies hired in France for the payday donation in 2017, 161,290 employees (microdon barometer, May 2018).

At RAJA, more than 46,000 euros have been collected since 2013 and donated to associations supported by the Foundation.



Volunteering, what is it?

Volunteer collaborators bring their know-how to an association during a one-day mission during their holidays. To reward their initiative, RAJA offers them an extra day to continue their volunteer mission or another one. Three types of missions are offered: providing expertise (communication, computer, accounting, etc.), accompanying people (job search assistance, etc.) or providing one-time support at an event.

«When the Foundation launched the volunteering programme, I signed up straight away for the cultural outings scheme. With the ACINA association, I accompanied a group of young girls to the Natural History Museum in Paris. What really struck me was that, in spite of whatever social and financial problems they might have, the girls were still so open and curious. We had a really enjoyable day out together». Élisabeth, RAJA employee

«Having Elisabeth come along for the day was a great experience for the girls and for the ACINA team! It gave us a new perspective on our projects, and I know that Elisabeth learned a lot about the girls that we work with. Chatting with Elisabeth also taught us a lot about what it’s like to work for a big company. Having her with us made the day out even more fun!» Sarah Berthelot, Project Manager at ACINA (association supported in 2016-2017)


What does “sponsoring a project” mean?

Sponsorship enables employees to make the link between associations that act in favour of women and the Foundation. Sponsors detect projects that may fit into the Foundation’s selection criteria and present them to its team. They are involved in the monitoring of the project, from the application file to the end of the partnership.

«I first heard about this association on a trip to Nepal, where I got talking to Pierre about the difficult conditions faced by Nepalese women and what can be done to make them more independent. With Pierre’s help, the women’s associations in Chormara came up with a project for an agricultural cooperative which has come to fruition this year. So it seemed only natural that I pitch this project to the Foundation as a sponsorship opportunity. That support has helped lay the foundations for a project which will continue to grow and grow. As sponsors, we are responsible for ensuring the quality and success of the project.» Ronan, RAJA collaborator

«Our farming cooperative project is a real source of hope for participants, helping to improve living conditions for women and their families in Chormara, Nepal. Ronan’s enthusiastic support has really helped the process of communication between the Foundation and Resham Firiri. His involvement has been a big asset in terms of dealing with the challenges that are part and parcel of projects like this one.» Pierre Giraud, Consultant on the Resham Firiri project (association supported in 2017)

Participation in solidarity events

Throughout the year, the Foundation organizes solidarity events within the company, especially on 8 March for International Women’s Rights Day and 25 November for the International Day to Combat Violence Against Women. Since 2015, the Foundation has been developing its activities throughout the Group and regularly mobilizes employees from the 18 European countries where RAJA operates.

The feedback is extremely positive: the women and men of RAJA are proud to belong to a committed company, which gives them opportunities to get involved in a cause as essential as that of Women’s Rights.


The “Women & the Environment” Programme

As a result of the traditional distribution of roles in society, not to mention the discrimination they face, women are the first to suffer the consequences of climate change, consequences such as desertification, water scarcity and pollution. And yet, they are also a source of innovative solutions for protecting the environment. With this paradox in mind, and with the COP21 climate conference set to be held in Paris in December 2015, the Foundation and RAJA Group decided to join forces.

The “Women & the Environment” programme was launched in 2015, across all of the RAJA Group’s European companies. This wide-ranging sponsored cause-product scheme means that the Foundation receives a donation of €1 or €2 every time a customer selects an environmentally-responsible product from the RAJA catalogue. All funds raised throughout the 6-month campaign were then distributed to charity projects working to promote the crucial contributions of women to environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

RAJA has since decided to make this programme a regular operation, with 7 rounds of fund-raising allowing us to collect almost €1 000 000,000 and support 29 charity projects.

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