Emergency Fund

The Foundation's emergency fund, whose creation was announced on the Foundation's 15th anniversary in November 2021, is intended to support organizations working in favor of women and whose needs are of immediate priority.



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Applications can be submitted throughout the year. For more information about this fund and to learn about the application process, please contact Alexandra Dethyre (alexandra.dethyre@raja.fr).


Following the war in Ukraine, the emergency fund supported three women’s rights defense associations in Poland, Romania, and Hungary. In Poland and Romania, the foundation supported the Actions Santé Femmes association, which deployed mobile units at the borders with Ukraine for pregnant refugee women. In Hungary, the foundation supported the EMMA and Patent associations, which established comprehensive support for the sexual and reproductive health of refugee women, including women from the Roma community.

Following the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan in August 2021, girls are no longer allowed to study after the age of 12. The foundation supported the Femaid association, which organizes underground classes for girls aged 12 to 18 in different parts of the country. The association also offers online university-level courses in Dari.


Since 2003, Iraq has experienced periods of crisis and instability. Ethnic and religious group conflicts, along with the presence of the Islamic State in parts of the national territory, have turned the country into a site of violence, particularly against women and girls. The foundation supports the Hope Makers for Women association, founded by gynecologist Nagham Nawzat Hasan, which assists Yezidi women in Iraq, former slaves of the Islamic State. The grant will be used to establish a new center that provides comprehensive support, including psychological, social, and legal assistance.


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