Our key priorities

The RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation develops partnerships with French associations operating in France and internationally, to promote the emancipation of women and the improvement of their living conditions. It supports projects in four areas.



Supporting women to defend their rights and stand up against violence

The Foundation fights to defend women’s rights and hit back against the discrimination and physical, sexual and psychological violence of which they are victims. The projects supported work to overcome challenges to women’s dignity and integrity by means of prevention, support and reconstruction. Specific attention is given to particularly vulnerable populations, such as refugee women, homeless women and women with disabilities. Some of the projects supported involve awareness raising and advocacy, both nationally and internationally.

Promoting education and social integration for women and girls

The Foundation exists to combat the many forms of exclusion and discrimination faced by women, working to ensure access to education, overcome obstacles and put an end to social isolation. Working in partnership with project teams, the Foundation provides access to education and essential social services for women and girls deprived of these rights on account of their gender, or because of economic and cultural obstacles. Education is widely recognized as a key factor in empowering women – and more broadly disadvantaged populations – but it is also an essential tool to combat exclusion and gender stereotypes.


Promoting the professional integration and financial autonomy of women

The Foundation supports projects working to boost the financial autonomy of women. The aim is to help women become more independent, provide for their families and find their place in society, by undergoing professional training and finding work or creating their own business. The margin of progress for employability both in terms of quantity and quality is very important, in the world but also in France. It is therefore a question of making it possible for all to have access to training tailored to their needs and skills, but also to the needs of the market, in order to facilitate women’s access to work in all sectors – including those which are still strongly reserved for men – and in good working conditions, including wages and entrepreneurship.


Strengthening the role of women in environmental protection and the fight against climate change

The Foundation promotes the role of women in environmental protection and the fight against climate change, including the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices, women’s access to sustainable energy, natural resource management, waste management and climate change adaptation projects – involving women. It focuses specifically on women with innovations and adaptation strategies to preserve natural resources and biodiversity. As the first victims of the consequences of climate change, women also play a vital role in implementing concrete and useful solutions to prevent and reduce the consequences of expected impacts.

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