The RAJA Group engages further in the fight for women’s rights

18 March 2020

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8th, the RAJA Group was mobilised across Europe for its “Week of European mobilisation for women’s rights”.

From March 2nd to March 6th, the group’s 3000 collaborators actively took part in various actions organised by the Foundation and its partnering associations. Throwback to this engaging week of commitment!



As every year, as part of the the RAJApeople programme, the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation, organised a “Week of European mobilisation for women’s rights” within the RAJA Group. Designed to emphasize the Group’s commitment for women’s rights, this week allowed all RAJA collaborators to unite for a common cause.

A solidary collection led throughout the Group

This collective implication mainly showed through a large solidary collection of hygiene products and other first necessity goods, as well as food and baby products for the benefit of associations attending to the needs of women living in precarious conditions throughout Europe.

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RAJA Group collection

An awareness campaign showcasing 5 duos of women

Throughout the week, within the RAJA Group headquarters and all the European subsidiaries, the awareness campaign “Courageous pioneers, Worthy successors” showed recognition to 5 pairs of women, each comprising one “pioneer” and one “heir” in different fields: cinema, politics, space exploration, mathematics and journalism. This campaign contributed to raising awareness on the importance and the continuity of the fight for women’s rights: the pioneers’ struggles constitute both a heritage and a steeping stone for women living in our times.

“Courageous pioneers, worthy successors” campaign

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A series of workshops to “Practice your talents for women’s rights” in the headquarters

During the week, the collaborators at RAJA headquarters, in Roissy, had the opportunity to meet the ambassadors of 4 of the Foundation’s French partnering associations during fun, creative and sporting workshops.

Monday, March 2nd: “Sport & Reconstruction” workshop with the UFOLEP association

A group of RAJA collaborators started the week with a sporting session around “empowerment through games”, a workshop facilitated by the association UFOLEP. This type of sessions are part of the “Toutes Sportives” programme developed by the association, using physical exercise as a tool for the self-reconstruction and self-confidence of women victims of both physical and psychological violence.

“Sport & Reconstruction” workshop

Tuesday, March 3rd: “Flower Creation & Revalorisation” workshop with the Fleurs de Cocagne association

This workshop offered each and every participant a place to show their creative skills by using flowers to make decoration items and accessories with the help of the Fleurs de Cocagne team, whose mission is to encourage the professional rehabilitation of marginalized women in the Essonne county, in France. Their activity consists in the development of an ethical and eco-friendly horticultural production.

“Flower creation & Revalorisation” workshop

Wednesday, March 4th: “Games and Re-use” workshop with the Rejoué association

Nearly 20 women and men opted for a quick throwback to childhood by participating in the toys and books recycling workshop led by Rejoué, the first second-hand toys recycling manufacture managed by women facing hardship in the professional field.

“Games & Re-use” workshop

Thursday, March 5th: “Cooking & Rehabilitation” workshop with the Re-Belle association

For the last workshop, about 30 RAJA collaborators shared an enjoyable moment, preparing tasty jam with the Re-Belle team. The association specializes in the traditional making of jams from unsold fruits and vegetables, while fostering the vocational integration of women experiencing socio-occupational difficulties and offering them qualified jobs.

“Cooking & Rehabilitation” workshop

A closing event around the theme of “Sexist Marketing”

On Friday 6th, Danièle Kapel-Marcovici, CEO of the RAJA Group and President of the RAJA Danièle-Marcovici Foundation, took time to make an overall assessment of the actions conducted in the headquarters as well as all of the Group’s European subsidiaries. She also took time to remind everyone the Group’s commitment in the fight for women’s rights:

“It is obvious, although significant progress has been made in the past few years, some major inequalities remain between women and men. These inequalities are the reason why the Foundation has now been involved to foster the emancipation of women and the fight for their rights for 14 years.”

– Danièle Kapel-Marcovici

Danièle Kapel-Marcovici’s closing speech

This event rolled out with a special guest: Marion Vaquero, founder of “Pépite Sexiste”, a French association committed to “make brands’ practices evolve towards a more gender inclusive and less stereotyped communication”.
The association’s actions, mainly led on social media, have successfully incentivised many national and local brands to rethink their messages and campaigns in order to make them less sexist and more inclusive.

Marion Vaquero’s speech

Watch the post-event video of this engaging week!

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