The RAJA Group conducts 24 solidary collections for the benefit of precarious women across Europe

18 March 2020

Once again this year, on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th, the RAJA Group was mobilised to support precarious women, accompanied by associations located in France and all across Europe.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Group’s 3000 collaborators, 24 solidary collections were led to supply for the needs of local associations (personal hygiene, care, baby and food products…).



French collaborators all committed for precarious women

In the headquarters and all the French subsidiaries of RAJA, the collaborators were mobilised for two associations working with women living in difficult conditions: “La Maison des Femmes” and “Règles Elémentaires”.

La Maison des Femmes

Founded by Ghada Hatem – an obstetrician-gynaecologist – in 2016, with the support of the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation, La Maison des Femmes hosts women suffering from vulnerable living conditions and all types of violence. They are offered complete support and full care – social, medical, gynaecological, psychological and juridical – thanks to a large network of partners and a multidisciplinary team.

All the donations collected in the headquarters, along with those made in the CENPAC commercial agencies of North Paris and Châtres, and in JPG and Welcome Office companies, will benefit to women supported by “La Maison des Femmes” of Saint-Denis.

Collection in RAJA France

Règles Elémentaires

Since its creation in 2015, the association Règles Elémentaires has committed in providing help to women suffering from menstrual precariousness, a phenomenon that currently affects nearly 1.7 million women in France.
The association conducts actions to raise awareness among the general public and provides bins for the collection of women personal hygiene products in public spaces as well as companies. It is the first French organisation for the collection of hygiene products aimed at homeless and ill-housed women.

This year, RAJA collaborators in CENPAC – located in Saint-Grégoire, Wasquehal, Dax, Toulouse and Saint Priest – but also Bernard and Logisorgues companies, were mobilised for the benefit of Règles Elémentaires. The collected products will be delivered to local associations working alongside these vulnerable women in each concerned region.

Collection in Cenpac Rennes

A solidary move in Sorgues

This year, collaborators at Logisorgues, located in the county of Vaucluse, very committed as always, offered all their business partners – human resources agency, energy provider and more – to participate in the collection led in the company, in favour of Règles Elémentaires.
This great initiative was very successful and will be closed with the delivery of the donations to the association, which will take advantage of this moment to thank all participants for their generosity and introduce them to their actions for vulnerable women.

Collection in Logisorgues

Collections led in European subsidiaries for local associations

In the course of the vast collection operation, 12 European subsidiaries of the Group were also mobilised for the benefit of local associations of their choice.

The collaborators collected hundreds of kilos of hygiene products and first necessity goods, care products and even baby and food products. All the donations will be presented to the following associations:

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Original operations in Spanish and German subsidiaries

Each European subsidiary was given the freedom to select the beneficiary association for their donations, based on local needs. As a result, many of them ceased this opportunity to take beautiful initiatives!
Throwback to the actions conducted at Udo Bär and Kalamazoo, two subsidiaries that took part in this mobilisation for vulnerable women in an original and engaging way for the collaborators!

UDO BÄR, Germany

At UDO BÄR, everyone was mobilised to collect food products for the benefit of the association Frauenhaus – Women’s Shelter – as part of the operation “The perfect Easter breakfast for women and children“. Located in Duisburg, Germany, this association hosts women victims of domestic violence with their children. All the donations will allow the residents of this shelter to celebrate Easter holidays around the perfect full breakfast!

Food products collection in Udo Bär

Kalamazoo, Spain

In Spain, RAJA subsidiary Kalamazoo partnered up with the NGO Oxfam International – that sets up long-term development programmes for vulnerable populations – to organise a solidarity sale. This sale of fair-trade products enabled the company’s collaborators to contribute to the funding of projects ensuring decent working conditions and accompanying women in developing countries.

Solidarity sale in Kalamazoo

A big thank you to all RAJA collaborators for their mobilisation!

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