Feminist Fund for Climate

The Feminist Fund for Climate is a fund whose purpose is to support women founders and/or leaders of associations working for the climate. The 2024 edition is launched! Before April 24, download the required documents and send your completed application to the Foundation's e-mail address.



The submission of grant applications is done entirely online: the PDFs must be filled out and sent to the email address of the Foundation (fondation@raja.fr). All requested documents must be grouped together in a single email.

The procedure and selection criteria are detailed in the guidelines outlined in the introduction text of the Feminist Fund for the Climate.


Climate change, which causes significant damage worldwide, particularly affects women because they are the ones who primarily fetch water and cultivate the land. In fact, they represent between 45 and 60% of agricultural workers and generate the majority of agricultural production. Increasingly at the forefront, they are also the ones trying to reverse the trend by preserving fragile ecosystems. This crucial role adds to the struggle for their financial empowerment and the recognition of their rights. They face numerous obstacles, including access to property rights, gender-related inequalities, and violence resulting from these gender disparities.

The RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation is convinced of the role that women have to play in the preservation of natural resources and the implementation of concrete solutions.

Through the Feminist Fund for Climate, the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation provides financial support to associations that promote the role and actions of women in environmental protection and the fight against climate change. This includes promoting sustainable agricultural practices, access to sustainable energy, natural resource management, waste management, and promoting “green” entrepreneurship. Special attention is given to women who bring innovations and adaptation strategies to preserve natural resources and biodiversity.


Eligibility criteria

Associations supported by the Feminist Fund for Climate must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a nonprofit association ;
  • Be founded by one or more women and/or be led by one or more women ;
  • Have been in existence for at least one year ;
  • Have an N-1 budget of less than 20,000 euros ;
  • Work for the climate and ecological and social transition, including waste management, energy, preservation of natural resources, “green” entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture, and food ;
  • • Be recommended by a partner of the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation (see FFC partnership recommendation letter) (see Appendix 1).


Application package 

In order to be eligible, the application package must necessarily contain all of the following documents:

–           have a registration certificate;

–           have statutes signed by the entire board of directors;

–           a bank identification statement issued by the association’s bank;

–            have the financial statement from the previous year;

–           the duly completed funding application questionnaire;

–          the letter of recommendation from a partner of the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation.

This package must be sent by email: only one complete application per year can be submitted.

To download the required documents

Selection procedure

Phase 1: Verification of association eligibility

Association leaders are invited to ensure the eligibility of their application. They must also have a letter of recommendation from an associative partner of the Foundation (see Appendix 1).

Phase 2: Submission of the grant application form

Association leaders are invited to complete a grant application form. The submission of grant applications is done entirely online. The form and supporting documents must be sent exclusively by email to the following address: fondation@raja.fr.

Phase 3: Examination and decision by the Foundation

The grant application forms are then examined by the Foundation’s team, which verifies the eligibility of the proposals and selects those that best meet the objectives and priorities of the Foundation and will benefit from the fund’s grant.


Support arrangements

  • The Feminist Fund for Climate awards selected associations a grant ranging from €2,500 to €5,000, to be used freely according to the needs of the organization and beneficiaries.
  • A communication kit will also be provided to the association.


Commitment of supported associations

Supported associations commit to submitting a report on the use of the funding at the end of the partnership, documenting the actions carried out thanks to the grant.
This report must be sent to the following email address: fondation@raja.fr.

2023 edition of the Feminist Climate Fund

The Feminist Climate Fund selects associations for 2024!



  • Introduction Text of the Feminist Fund for the Climate


  • Introduction Text of the Feminist Fund for the Climate DOCX - 79 Ko

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