New projects supported by the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation

11 July 2023

Through a call for projects conducted between November 2022 and January 2023, the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation has approved an initial selection of 15 projects aimed at improving the living conditions of women in France and around the world. Most of these projects will be co-financed over several years.





Focus Area: “Combating violence against women and girls”:

This program uses sports as a means of self-reappropriation and empowerment, as well as a tool to promote the professional integration of women who are victims of domestic and sexual violence.

  • IKAMBERE: “The Welcoming House”: “Empowering vulnerable women living with chronic diseases” – France

The project aims to provide support for exiled women living in precarious situations with chronic illnesses, encompassing social, therapeutic, and employment aspects. The support will be provided by trained professionals experienced in assisting refugee women with medical conditions.

  • MOULIN DE PONT RÛ: “Supporting women victims of violence through tailored stays and strengthening collaboration among stakeholders in rural areas of the French Vexin region” – France

The association aims to enhance its support system for vulnerable women through immersive 5-day stays in the heart of the Vexin region. These stays offer women a free and secure momentary break in their lives.

Droits D’urgence aims to strengthen its legal support system for women victims of violence in collaboration with partners and existing victim support structures.

©Droits d’Urgence


  • LA VAGUE: “Bringing together civil society to improve practices for effective and comprehensive sexual education” – France

The objective is to combine advocacy work with the creation of a white paper containing practical recommendations to reinforce the implementation of the Aubry Law, which requires 21 sessions of sexual education over seven years in middle and high schools.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to reducing survival prostitution among underage girls in Gabon through a multidisciplinary approach in partnership with private and public actors.

This project aims to modify mindsets and promote girls’ education in Guinea by providing educational support and workshops for both children and parents.


Focus Area: “Promoting education and women’s leadership”:

This project aims to address the underrepresentation of women in the fields of computer science and digital technology by encouraging young girls from priority neighborhoods to explore these career paths.


The association carries out actions for refugee women and their children to enhance their emancipation and meet their needs, including language learning, social support, cultural and sports activities, and childcare.


Focus Area: “Supporting women’s professional integration and economic rights”:

The project involves organizing workshops on floral art to strengthen the professional and psychosocial skills of vulnerable women benefiting from support centers.

  • REFUGEE FOOD: “Tournesol / Refugee Food Training” – France

This project enables the sustainable integration of refugee women with asylum rights into the workforce through certified and paid 6-month training programs in the field of catering, in partnership with businesses.

This project aims to assist women living in precarious conditions and engaging in informal culinary activities by supporting their socio-professional integration.

  • CIDFF de Mayotte: “Vulnerabilities and Integration: Building Access, Maintenance, and Strengthening of Women’s Economic Integration as a Lever for Economic Autonomy” – France – Mayotte

Since 2019, the association has implemented a comprehensive support program for vulnerable women, primarily from rural areas, to facilitate their access to employment and help them escape poverty.

The association carries out advocacy actions to improve prevention of sexual violence and harassment in textile factories in Bangladesh, empowering female workers to organize and assert their rights.



Focus Area: “Women’s Actions for the Environment”:

  • Toutes à l’école: “Program ‘Educating Girls is Also Saving the Climate’: Strengthening Happy Chandara School’s Green Pedagogy through Environmental Awareness Actions” – Cambodia

This program provides practical solutions for young girls from impoverished families in Cambodia and their communities to contribute to environmental preservation and adaptation to climate change, alongside excellent education.

©Toutes à l’école

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