Maxime Ruszniewski – “Men must get involved in the path to real equality”

27 February 2023

A lawyer by training and a former journalist, Maxime Ruszniewski was an advisor to Najat Vallaud-Belkacem at the Ministry of Women's Rights for 2 years. Co-founder of the Fondation des Femmes, he was its volunteer administrator for 2 years. Maxime manages Remixt (, a solution for Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace (sexism, homophobia, racism etc.). Remixt is a winner of the French Tech Community Fund 2020 and is supported by the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men.

He published his first essay in February 2023 at Marabout "Petit manuel du féminisme au quotidien".



1 – On February 8, the book Petit manuel du féminisme au quotidien (Little manual of everyday feminism) was published. Can you tell us more about your first book?

It’s a book for women and men. It answers the questions we have been asking ourselves for the last ten years about the balance of household chores, the education of children, the sexism in the workplace, the violence against women and more generally sexist behaviors, whether in the street, at home, at work… This book allows us, without giving lessons, to have some keys to act. Because equality between women and men is above all a change in behavior and a little courage, to enable us to achieve real equality.

2 – Why did you write it, and what did you want to put forward? 

What I wanted to put forward, finally, is the fact that individual changes can accelerate the movement. We have the right to demand a clear path and more means to our politics, especially means because we lack so much against violence against women. But if, at the individual level, we don’t work on ourselves, to make sure that as parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and friends, we don’t instill a culture of equality, we won’t succeed. So that’s why I wrote this book.

3 – You were elected “feminist man of the year” by the association médiaClub’Elles in 2018. What does it mean to be a feminist in your opinion?

First and foremost, this award a way to show that men must get involved in the path to real equality and to value their involvement. For me, being a feminist means being for gender equality. And to make the way you act and treat others go into this direction. I think we must question the term “feminist”. If it is so divisive, maybe we did not explain enough how it would make us collectively happier and more fulfilled. And it is not a movement that takes things away from others. It is a movement that brings more joy and well-being. As I often say, people may lose some privileges but they will gain others. Nowadays, we are questioning a lot our relationship with time and work and gender equality. I think that the culture of patriarchy and male domination is bound to disappear. But for that, we will have to take responsibility.

4 – You have set up the Remixt platform to raise awareness of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. In your opinion, what are the best ways to raise awareness among people who are not necessarily interested in these topics?

It is a digital platform that raises awareness and surveys employees’ feelings and expectations concerning sexism, sexual harassment, disability, homophobia, etc. The platform covers all topics related to diversity and inclusion. The best way to talk to everyone is to use pedagogy and playful tone. That doesn’t mean it’s light-hearted. Being playful means transforming the way we communicate to reach those who may not be interested in these topics at first. Remixt is based in part on an audiovisual series designed by experts in each subject, allowing us to address audiences that are somewhat distant from these subjects.

5 – A date, an anecdote or an inspiring person?

I’m going to say Malala because for me she is a real heroine and she is an extremely inspiring person on the way to surpass oneself, the total self-sacrifice and what she symbolizes for all the little girls around the world.

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