“Le Plan rouge vif”: improving the judicial treatment of domestic violence

23 May 2023

On May 22, Congresswoman Emilie Chandler and Senator Dominique Verien submitted to the government the "Plan Rouge Vif", a report on the judicial treatment of domestic violence. The 160-page report contains recommendations for improving the justice system and victim protection.



The state of play of intrafamily violence in France: responding to an alarming situation and a failure of the Grenelle

In 2019, a Grenelle devoted to intrafamily violence was set up by the Government. Following a series of hearings, several measures and commitments had been taken to remedy feminicide and the insufficient protection of victims.

Four years later, the situation remains worrying:

  • 122 women were killed by their spouses in 2021* ;
  • One third of the women killed in 2021 had already been victims of violence and 74% of them had reported it to the police*;
  • 47 feminicides occurred in 2023*.

The recommendations of the “Plan rouge vif” to fight against domestic violence

  • Create specialized units for domestic violence within the 164 French courts;
  • Create women’s centers in each department;
  • To issue protection orders within 24 hours;
  • Establish elected representatives to deal with domestic violence;
  • Use the serious danger telephone more frequently;
  • Reinforce the training of professionals in the field of child protection;
  • Set up regular inter-institutional training sessions in order to share practices and acquire a common knowledge;
  • Create an interministerial fund dedicated to the financing of the public policy against domestic violence.


Source* : Rapport Parlementaire sur les violences intra familiales : quelles pistes pour en finir avec les féminicides (radiofrance.fr)

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