A large European collection within the RAJA Group

4 April 2018

On the International Women’s Rights Day of March 8th, the RAJA-Marcovici Foundation organized a week of mobilisation within the RAJA Group in Europe.



From March 5th to March 9th, all the collaborators were mobilised to collect a maximum of hygiene and well-being products for the benefit of associations supporting women victims of violence.

This week marks the end of the large campaign against violence to women, launched by the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation and the RAJA Group in November 2017 as part of the RAJApeople program, which allows employees to engage alongside the Foundation in solidarity actions in favour of women.

A week of mobilisation in favour of women victims of violence

Thanks to the involvement of all the 1700 collaborators, more than a ton of hygiene and well-being products has been collected and distributed to 15 associations in Europe and 2 associations in France helping women victims of violence.

Collaborators from RAJA France and its French subsidiaries (CENPAC, l’Equipier, Logisorgues and Welcome Office) have chosen to provide assistance to:

  • The COMEDE (Comité pour la Santé des Exilés) of Marseille, which offers medical, social and psychological support to migrant women in the Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d’Azur region.
  • The Emergency Welcoming Centre (Centre d’Hébergement d’Urgence or CHU) of Ivry-sur-Seine, run by EMMAÜS Solidarity in partnership with the Samusocial of Paris. Since its opening in January 2017, the CHU welcomes migrant women, with or without children. Accompanied throughout their administrative procedures, women also benefit from a medical and psychological follow-up, socio-cultural workshops and French lessons. Thus, they are enabled to find back points of references and acquire social standards aimed at facilitating their path and integration.

RAJA Benelux

Udo Baer

RAJA Royaume-Uni


In a week, almost 180 kilos of hygiene and well-being products have been collected in France and split between the 2 associations!

During an artistic workshop, the collective of artists Jungleye has worked with women from the CHU on the creation of a logbook retracing their migration journeys. Displayed in the form of an exhibition entitled “Transit Tale”, these women shared their life narratives, their thoughts and their hopes for the future.

This exhibition was displayed from March 5th to 9th at the RAJA headquarters, where collaborators were moved by those moving and hopeful testimonies. A week of enjoyable and solidary mobilisation, appreciated by all, which reinforces RAJA’s commitment to women’s rights.

The “Transit Tale” exhibition, at the RAJA France headquarters


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