Women and environment

Women and shells

Institut de Coopération pour le Développement en Afrique Senegal Supported from 2018 to 2020


In Senegal, shellfish harvesting – collection, processing, marketing – is the main activity of the coastal villages of the Saloum Delta, carried out mainly by the women who derive from it a small income that does not support themselves and their families. This work, carried out under tiring and dangerous conditions, contributes to the depletion of natural shellfish resources and the weakening of the mangrove.

In this context, the Institut de Coopération pour le Développement en Afrique, in partnership with the association Nébeday, is supporting 9 women’s groups to develop the shellfish industry: increase shellfish collection through new equipment, rehabilitate 3 processing units equipped with drying, conditioning and storage, creating a cooperative and sales kiosks to better market the products. In this way, the project will promote women’s economic empowerment and the preservation of mangrove, reinforced by workshops to raise awareness of the management of natural resources in the community as a whole.

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ICD-Afrique is a French association that acts within the framework of international cooperation North/South, notably through the implementation of local development projects in the countries of the South. www.icd-afrique.org

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