Women and environment

Training young women to agroecological methods and to the commercialisation of their production

GRDR Migration-Citoyenneté-Développement Mali Project supported in 2020


The project

In Mali, women often depend on vegetable growing to live and are particularly affected by the lack of economic opportunities, worsened by the reduction of cultivable areas and difficult access to land.

To solve the issue of depletion of resources, ensure the independence of women and the vocational insertion of young people, the project “Youth and Employment to Feed Cities” aims at promoting sustainable agriculture and “local consumption”. The GRDR association and its local partner, the “National Union for Family and Rural Homes” will support the learning process of young girls in the city, offering them a professionalising training programme in agroecology, animal farming and the commercialisation of sustainable products.
Some of them will also be supported in the creation of an income generating activity. This action will promote the improvement of the living conditions of women and their families, while contributing to the preservation of biodiversity.


172young people (among which 91 girls) taught agroecological production
10girls received grants and support for the creation of a income generating activity
1476women market gardeners trained to agroecology

The association

The GRDR’s goal is to contribute to making the world fairer and more solidary, based on the respect of human rights. The aim is to sustainably improve people’s living conditions in France, Europe and Africa.

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