Women and environment

Training women in agroecological practices and helping them to build a vegetable garden.

Yobalema Senegal 2020


The project

In Senegal, in the region of Rufisque, the West Coast is impacted by climate change affecting both agricultural and fisheries production. The food insecurity experienced by the residents is exacerbated by the reduction in employment. This has caused many fishermen to migrate to the cities and find work to support their families. 37 fishermen’s wives from the village of Kelle have united to support one another, and to share their agricultural products they cultivate. The Yobalema association has provided aid to this group of people, to help develop a sustainable and profitable agricultural project. The association will train women in agroecology and permaculture through practical workshops and courses. This project will promote food security in the village and help ease their economic difficulties.



37women trained in agroecology.
1organic vegetable garden managed by women.

The association

Established in 2014, Yobalema aims to promote a business relationship between France and Senegal.

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