Training and help finding jobs

To secure the economic empowerment of female farmers through the restructuring of a local dairy industry.

Élevages Sans Frontières Burkina Faso 2020


The project

In Burkina Faso, where 80% of the population live from agriculture and breeding, the local milk production competes with imported powdered milk, which is 30% cheaper. The families of local livestock farmers financially suffer from this, and particularly the women who work on the farms milking the cows and who sell the milk. The project carried out by Farms without Boarders, and the local association Action for the Promotion of Local Initiatives, aims to strengthen the skills of herders in the province of Oubritenga. Located in the Central Plateau region, local farmers need more technical skills, knowledge and business guidance to help generate a sustainable income. 150 herder families will receive training to improve their farming, milking techniques and the cultivation of crops for animals. And a dairy cooperative will be built to provide farmers with the means to process and sell their milk independently.


100households of cattle breeders and 50 female goat breeders trained in animal farming, milking and dairy retail.
3women trained in milk processing.
1local dairy cooperative created.

The association

For the past 20 years, Élevages Sans Frontières has been supporting vulnerable rural populations and aims to improve food security in West Africa, Northwest Africa and Haiti.

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