Training and help finding jobs

To help unemployed women regain professional skills though market gardening and organic horticulture.

Fleurs de Cocagne France, Ile-de-France 2020


The project

Fleurs de Cocagne have been a success, in terms of social, professional and financial support for unemployed women and retail profits from the initiative. This also demonstrates a consumer demand for responsible and sustainable trade.

The association aims to strengthen its ecological approach and by making its production site a “green showroom”, with two main aims, biodiversity and social integration. The project has a number of construction plans to develop the site, such as a new storage building, restoration of the well and cultivating the land, as well as the installation of greenhouses. Also there are plans to build educational vegetable gardens that will be open to the general public, schools and businesses to learn about biodiversity. The women managing the green site will gain professional skills and experience, and will be in charge of visitors and presenting Fleurs de Cocagne’s activities.

15women integrated with work experience.
500people made aware of agroecological practices.
1"green showroom" for demonstrating agroecological practices.

The association


Since 2014, Fleurs de Cocagne has been offering socio-professional support to vulnerable people – of which 70% are women – through organic horticultural and market garden production in Essonne, France.

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