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In France, women in underprivileged neighborhoods are particularly overexposed to precariousness and unemployment. In Marseille, the social and professional difficulties in those neighborhoods are even more visible, with an unemployment rate up to 40%. Social and professional support projects exist but they are not specific to women. Women are also poorly targeted by existing vocational training programs, particularly in the digital sector. They do not have access to information and often feel illegitimate, preventing them from enrolling, even though the digital sector represents a real opportunity for professional integration. A sector representing 1 in 5 jobs created, but it is struggling to recruit people with the necessary skills. As it is mostly perceived as a male sector, many women are not aware of the jobs involved, or do not plan to train for them.

To fight against the under-representation of women in the digital professions and to promote their professional integration, DesCodeuses wants to deploy its TECH da Lead program. Already in place with 1,000 women in the Ile-de-France region, the program aims to remobilize them, make them aware of the opportunities offered by digital professions and support them in developing their training plans.

50women aged 25 to 35 in precarious situations, without training and far from employment are remobilized during the workshops
 The actions create a virtuous circle for women who can draw inspiration from the paths of the women accompanied by the Descodeuses.

The association

DesCodeuses is the first 100% female learning community that combines technical training and collective empowerment. The association supports women from modest backgrounds, lacking qualifications and far from employment thanks to an innovative pedagogy and a local approach in the heart of priority neighborhoods. DesCodeuses offers a bridge between women in need of qualifications and tech companies that are struggling to feminize and diversify their technical teams

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