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Taking charge of underage girls in prostitution, from the street to socio-professional integration



Since the Covid-19 crisis, the prostitution of very young girls, from the age of 8, has developed without precedent in Gabon. It is now common for young girls to sell their virginity for 1,000,000 CFA (€1,500). Actions de Solidarité Internationale helps under-age prostitutes by offering them unconditional reception, vocational training and digital courses at its various centers, and by re-schooling younger girls. Established in the Congo since 2007 with 4 centers, the association has, in this project, replicated its action in Gabon, in the capital Libreville, where it has been offering this comprehensive support since the end of 2022. The association’s aim is to prevent young girls from becoming involved in prostitution, by enabling them to acquire skills that will help them enter the job market. For those already involved in prostitution, the project offers a pathway out of prostitution, which has proved effective in the Congo. The overall aim of the project is to contribute to the reduction of survival prostitution of underage girls in Gabon through a multidisciplinary approach carried out in partnership with private and public players.

2,100 women and their children targeted over three years by the association
90 young beneficiary girls will be supported in their professional integration.

The association

ASI has been present in the Congo since 2007, providing care for under-age girls in survival prostitution, as no other Congolese or international structure was present.  ASI’s approach is to enable the beneficiaries and their children to be at the heart of the project, and to offer them individualized support throughout their care, from prevention on the street to their social and professional integration. This cross-disciplinary approach covers the family, professional, psychological, social and medical situations of these girls, enabling them to gradually leave the street environment and embark on a new life path.

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