Training and help finding jobs

Support for the development of tourism-related activities for young girls out of school and women in Sainte Marie Island

Groupement des Educateurs sans Frontières (GREF) Madagascar Association supported in 2019


The project

The Island of Sainte Marie, located on the north-east coast of Madagascar, has a real stake in the integration of young people: 70% of the population is under 35 years old and very few young people have attained a level of education equivalent to or higher than the baccalaureate. Because of the lack of suitable educational structures, young women are often forced to work precariously, making them vulnerable to the risks of prostitution and/or early pregnancy.

The GREF’s project, carried out in collaboration with a local association of women, aims to enable the professional integration of 150 young girls and mothers. The latter will follow an intensive 5-week training course in the hotel and restaurant jobs, developed with the Island Tourist Office and the Delegation of the Ministry to the population. They will thus acquire skills adapted to the economic needs of the Island, where tourism-related activities are the main source of income and require a strong need for skills.

150young girls and mothers receive professional integration support

The association

The GREF is an International Solidarity Association, with some 400 volunteers, which acts in a spirit of solidarity, partnership, exchange and secularism to:

– support local and national dynamics in the implementation of educational projects, in response to requests from civil society actors and/or institutions;

– Support local development through vocational training.

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