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Intermèdes Robinson France, Ile-de-France Project supported in 2020


The project

In the priority neighbourhoods and slums located in the North of the Essonne district, women and girls face numerous difficulties for their integration, yet they do not have access to programs aimed at accompanying them (language barrier, especially for Rom women and girls, childcare issues preventing them from completing administrative formalities, unawareness of institutions). The Intermèdes Robinson association goes out to meet these women to inform them on the existing programs and offering them access to rights and to integration. During these meeting sessions, Intermèdes Robinson encourages women to take part in sociolinguistic workshops aiming to improve their French speaking skills and identify issues they face to better solve them. During these workshops, with more attendants each time, children are taken care of by members of the association.

The project’s goal is to develop these actions and allow women to be supported for a long-term period. 80 women will be able to attend sociolinguistic workshops (twice a week), as well as support groups each week. They will also benefit from an individual follow-up based on their needs. Moreover, 20 Roms young girls will be accompanied by the association in order to facilitate their socio-professional integration.

80precarious women taking part in the workshops each year
20Rom young girls accompanied through their socio-professional integration process

The association

The Intermèdes Robinson association was founded in 2005 to work with vulnerable people. They organise educational workshops for children and precarious families in their life environment (outside buildings, in social hotels, slums). The association’s actions are free and based on the principles of social pedagogy and popular education.

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