Education and social action

Revealing the potential of Chadian adolescents girls

ESSOR Chad Project supported in 2022


Chad ranks 186th out of 189 countries in terms of development, with 66.2% of the population living in extreme poverty. In this context, girls are victims of numerous forms of discrimination and violence: 67% are married before the age of 18, only 1.7% of them have access to secondary education and the average length of their schooling is 1.3 years.

To respond to the difficulties faced by young girls and to strengthen their leadership, ESSOR offers them to integrate a 5-month program called ” Citizenship Program”. The project is also intended for members of the community who benefit from a global support by accessing a Social and Professional Information and Orientation Office, located in N’Djamena, the capital, which includes legal, health and civil status services.

175vulnerable young women benefited from the “Citizenship Program”
30 to 40workshops offered on different themes to promote their socio-professional integration

The association

Founded in 1992, ESSOR is a French NGO that aims at helphing the most vulnerable populations, especially women, to improve their living conditions. Its mission is to facilitate the appropriation of local development processes by the populations themselves, by designing and implementing concrete actions and by promoting the exercise of citizenship and social justice in the countries concerned.

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