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Re-Belle France, France Project supported in 2022


Every year in the world, nearly a third of the food produced and intended for human consumption is thrown away (source: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) and every week in Ile-de-France, 200 tons of fruits and vegetables are wasted, due to extremely long distribution channels.

Faced with this data, Re-Belle has been fighting against food waste since 2017 by revaluing unsold fruits and vegetables on the Ile-de-France territory, by making artisanal jams. This activity is carried out by unemployed women from priority neighborhoods. These women receive socio-professional support to prepare them for sustainable employment. Re-Belle has shown the social and environmental relevance of the project: since 2017, more than 120 tons of fruit and vegetables have been saved, 300,000 jars of jams have been sold in 140 outlets in IDF. 42 employees have worked for Re-Belle, 70% of whom are women. The organization is now working on consolidating its model – increasing production and sales, creating additional jobs and developing awareness-raising actions on sustainable food.

30people far from employment accompanied per year in a path of integration (60 people accompanied per year from 2024)
30tons of fruit and vegetables saved per year

The association

The purpose of Re-belle is to support the creation of jobs for people in need, thanks to the revalorization of disqualified food. It promotes the fight against food waste, sets up awareness actions on food waste and experiments concrete solutions to reduce waste at all stages of the food supply chain.

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