Women and environment

Promoting the social and professional inclusion of homeless women through sustainable employment

Carton Plein France, France Projet soutenu en 2022 : Femmes & Environnement


Today in France, nearly 300,000 people are homeless, including at least 3,600 in Paris, in precarious and dangerous conditions (according to the latest report on the state of poor housing by the Fondation Abbé Pierre). Most of these people are unemployed and suffer from numerous problems (housing, health, addiction, income). The association Carton Plein was created to face this situation.

Faced with the double observation of the exclusion of homeless people and the quantity of cardboard waste in the streets of the capital, the organization’s objective is to enable the socio-professional integration and reconstruction of the social link of people living on the street, through the recycling of cardboard. On the front line of precariousness and vulnerability, there are more and more women on the street. They are often invisible and in a very worrying situation of social violence. The project presented is part of Carton Plein’s ongoing efforts to integrate gender issues into its activities. The association wishes to strengthen the support of the women beneficiaries by adapting it more to their needs and profiles.

35women in precarious situations supported in 2022 and 50 in 2023

The association

Since 2012, Carton Plein has been promoting the return to employment of people in very precarious situations while participating in the ecological transition through cardboard recycling and bicycle logistics activities throughout Paris.

Carton Plein 

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