Women and environment

Promoting access to sustainable energy solutions commercialised by women entrepreneurs for rural populations

Geres Myanmar Project supported in 2019


The project

From 2015 to 2017, the Geres association, conducted a first project that consisted in the production and the distribution of ‘enhanced cooking stoves’ – in French, Foyers de Cuissons Améliorés or FCA. Following the success of this project, the Geres association partnered up with the local Thazi network, hoping to create a network providing Sustainable Energy Solutions (or SESs, i.e. energy tools such as ‘SESs’, lamps and solar kits). This network will be managed by a group of women, who will sell these ‘SESs’ to rural populations, in particular to women who will be the main users.

The project comprises technical and entrepreneurial training to ten women distributors of SESs, awareness actions to boost local demand, the implementation of partnerships with microfinance structures to facilitate the access to these solutions and, finally, advocacy actions among political actors.
The project enables the creation of an economic sector for ‘SESs’ adapted to local needs and managed by female entrepreneurs.


10 000women and their families access sustainable energy solutions
10women developed an income generating activity through the distribution of SESs (Sustainable Energy Solutions)
35%reduction on the consumption of wood over a 2-year span

The association

Geres is an international NGO for development, working for the improvement of the living conditions of population in poor countries, while preserving the environment and limiting the impact of climate change.

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