Women and environment

Promote the socio-professional integration of women, enabling them to return to employment by learning trade skills and recycling of toys

Rejoué France, Ile-de-France Project supported in 2021



Rejoué reintegrates unemployed people, of which 60% are women, back to employment through the refurbishing, recycling and reselling of toys in its workshop in Vitry-sur-Seine.

This year has put the charity in jeopardy; its 38 employees on the apprenticeship programme have been put on partial employment for some months, and the 3 retail stores have had to close. It has been difficult for the female employees on the programme, whose problems have been exacerbated. To help these women, weekly counselling support groups have been set up to alleviate the anxieties they face.

The association will also work to redevelop its professional project with one-to-one interviews conducted every week, and a communication strategy dedicated to relaunching the business.

40women to receive counselling and support
1commercial strategy developed to relaunching the business

The association

Since 2012, Rejoué prepares women for employment through recycling and selling toys.

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