Women and environment

Promote leadership roles for female ethnic minorities, to manage and form sustainable and ecotourism programmes

GRET Viet Nam Project supported in 2021



In northern Vietnam, in the Pu Luong nature reserve where there are 17 hectares of forest. The Thai and Muong ethnic minorities whose livelihoods are dependent on (low-paying) forest protection and animal husbandry services; live in very precarious conditions. Despite women making up most of this population and are a large part of the agricultural workforce, they however rarely own the land they cultivate and have very little access to education and employment due to inequality.

To help support gender equality, GRET, in partnership with the Reserve Management Council, is conducting a project to promote the position of women in the sustainable management of natural resources and the development of ecotourism activities. This will allow women to receive an income and independence whilst contributing to the protection of the forest and natural resources.


  • Create a working framework dedicated to forest management
1awareness campaign on gender equality and environmental conservation
80women organised into cooperatives to provide tourism services and eco-responsible products

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Created in 1976, GRET is an international NGO that provides sustainable initiatives and relief from poverty and inequality throughout 30 countries.

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