Training and help finding jobs

Project to support regional dynamics for the promotion of women and girls with disabilities

Sukhali Senegal Project supported in 2022


In Senegal, people with disabilities have very little access to basic services and are very often isolated. Women have difficulty finding employment and live on the margins of society. They are discriminated both as women and as disabled people and live in particularly precarious conditions.

Faced with this situation, the Women’s Committee of the regional federation of disabled people has opened a center dedicated to the professional qualification of disabled women in the Thiès region. The objective is to inform women about their rights and to offer them training so they become financially independent. The two organizations have jointly developed this project which aims to improve the socio-economic status of the women hosted in the center in a sustainable way.

25disabled women in the center are helped

The association

The association “SUKHALI” aims at

  • providing support to Senegalese women who wish to undertake sustainable income-generating activities, with a focus on the most disadvantaged women, notably through the establishment of micro-credit loans
  • promoting literacy in order to allow these women to integrate into the local economic and cultural development.

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