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Professional training in catering for marginalized mothers in Siem Reap

Friends International Cambodia Association supported in 2014, 2018 and 2019


The project

In Siem Reap, Cambodia, very dynamic tourism boosts the city’s economic growth and attracts many rural families who see it as an opportunity to improve their living conditions. However, family members find it difficult to enter a training centre or find a stable and gainful job, and are often forced to work on the street (exposed to violence, drugs, prostitution).

To meet this need, in 2016 Friends International launched a pilot project for a “Let’s Eat” restaurant-training for isolated mothers, to accompany them to employment through a training program that the association aims to renew once again. This global program includes theoretical courses (management, accounting, etc.) and practical courses (respect for hygiene, preparation of dishes, customer relations, etc.) as well as support for the creation of economic activity. It enables women to quickly acquire professional skills and know-how and to help them enter the labour market and thus gain their financial independence.

32women benefit from the programme

The association

Friends International aims to protect and support marginalized children and youth in urban areas around the world, helping them build their future so that they become independent and productive citizens in their countries. The organisation is guided in its work by the principles set out in the Friends-International Charter and respect for children’s rights.

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