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P3 Protect, Paga, Period

Movement France Burkina Faso Association supported in 2017 and 2019


The project

In Burkina Faso, the menstruation taboo undermines the social and professional emancipation of girls and women who are considered impure during this period. In this situation, the association Movement France wishes to bring a lasting solution with the project «P3 Protect Paga Period» : a workshop to make washable sanitary towel kits made by women in precarious situations. These women will be trained in sewing for 5 months and coached in the learning of accounting, the management of raw materials and stocks and marketing techniques.

The development of an economic and sustainable hygienic solution will have multiple positive impacts – reducing the rate of absenteeism at school and at work, reduce infection problems related to poor sanitation or the use of traditional protections (newsprint, mud, sheets) – and will thus improve the living conditions of girls and women and promote their social and professional emancipation.

8women trained in sewing
400girls and women receiving washable towel kits

The association

The Movement France association aims to create projects in the fields of sustainable development and appropriate technologies, in and for the West African territories and their populations.

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