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Ngalu Rewbe

AVSF - Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders Senegal Project supported in 2022


The project takes place in the Matam region, located in the northeast of Senegal, on the border with Mauritania. It is one of the poorest regions of the country, with a very strong religious and cultural conservatism, where women face many difficulties in accessing decision-making and economic spheres.

The project, led by Agronomists and Veterinarians without Borders (AVSF), aims to support the Jokerre Endam Federation, created in 2014 and which brings together 4,000 women agro-breeders. It aims at increasing their skills, while providing further support to 100 vulnerable women, by training them in livestock practices so that their incomes can increase, by providing them with animals and by building them a sheepfold or a henhouse.

100women trained in animal husbandry and provided with livestock
21women farmers' organizations will benefit from this project through the increased skills it will induce

The association

AVSF advocates for an ambitious agro-ecological agriculture, to contribute to food security in cities and on the countryside, to reduce inequalities and poverty, and to promote the economic and social emancipation of women, men, and youth. AVSF concretely supports rural communities and organizations, threatened by exclusion and poverty in the countries of the South.

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