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Les Puncheuses

Boxer Inside Club France, Ile-de-France Projet soutenu en 2022 - Programme Education et leadership des femmes


In Ile-de-France, women in the priority districts of the city policy are particularly affected by insecurity. 23% of them are unemployed, compared to 9.5% in the other neighbourhoods. Women are very often in precarious employment and 40% of them had to stop their paid work during the confinements. Inequalities between women and men persist and are accentuated by a double discrimination due to their real or supposed origin. They also face many social difficulties that hinder their emancipation: self-censorship, a heavy mental burden, little access to sport and dedicated infrastructures, insecurity, etc.

Based on this observation, Sarah Ourahmoune, a French boxer who has won several medals and is the founder of the Boxer Inside Club association, opened a boxing gym and developed the 100% women’s programme “Les Puncheuses”, dedicated to women in the priority districts of the city policy of Aulnay-sous-Bois and the neighbouring municipalities. This individual and collective programme is based on sports practice, empowerment and professional integration. It aims to remobilise women and remove the obstacles to their emancipation.

40vulnerable women living in the priority districts of the city policy of Aulnay-Sous-Bois and neighbouring towns benefiting from the project

The association

The BOXER INSIDE CLUB works in the heart of the priority districts of the city policy to accompany young people on the road to success. Each year, it promotes the social and professional integration of 300 people. To achieve this, several levers are used: boxing training, training in sports professions from the age of 10, support for entrepreneurship and civic commitment and learning expeditions abroad.


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