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BECOMTECH France, France Project supported in 2023


The BECOMTECH association acts to promote gender diversity and equalitý in IT and digital professions by offering inclusive, technical programs for girls. In particular, the association has created the “Jump in tech” program aimed at young girls from Priority Urban Neighborhoods (QPV).

Accessible free of charge, it aims to train and inspire girls, with a view to facilitating their orientation towards technical and IT professions. Launched in Val-de-Marne and Yvelines, then in Rhône, Val d’Oise and Loire Atlantique, the program has also been running in Marseille since this year. The project aims to combat the under-representation of women in IT and digital professions. With several years’ experience behind it, the program is having a lasting impact on the girls who follow it. First and foremost, it breaks down preconceived ideas that tend to associate IT and the digital world with a very masculine imaginary world, from which girls are excluded. By raising their awareness, young girls see their career prospects broaden, particularly (but not only) towards technical professions. What’s more, the project enables them to acquire concrete, rewarding skills and develop a sense of ability and legitimacy. More at ease orally, participants can more easily take the floor to share their opinions and questions.

700girls enrolled in schools located in QPV or REP/REP+ areas will be targeted by the awareness-raising component
60% of the girls who completed the training program (over 430 girls) are studying or working in the digital sector

The association

BECOMTECH aims to promote gender equality in the IT and digital fields. It will undertake all actions and projects in line with this objective. The association’s project is in the general interest, promoting inclusion by opening up to all publics, particularly the most vulnerable.

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