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DesCodeuses France, France Association supported in 2019


The project

In Paris and throughout France, the phenomenon of girls dropping out of school from the priority neighborhoods, correlated with the precariousness of modest families, is increasingly important and affects their integration into working life.

The project of the association Descodeuses aims to combat this phenomenon and the stigmata associated with the women from the priority neighborhoods, and to allow the professional integration of these women in the digital sector. This is in response to the double observation of the under-representation of women in this sector, as well as the multitude of possible opportunities for gainful and recruiting occupations. 16 women in precarious situations will receive intensive and professional 6-month training (theoretical courses, practical workshops and internships) to acquire the necessary skills and will be accompanied until obtaining a permanent contract in a digital business (web development, code, design, web marketing, etc.).

16women in precarious situations take part in the training course and are supported towards obtaining a permanent contract

The association

The purpose of the association Descodeuses is to:

– Train women in the new digital professions;

– Support women towards digital culture and the mastery of its tools;

– Promote the socio-professional inclusion of women away from employment and training;

– Meet the growing needs of the job market for digital skills;

– Promote the role of women in the fields of information technology;

– Increase the visibility of women in the digital sector.

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