Women and environment

Integrated waste management in 4 disadvantaged villages

KYNAROU India Project supported in 2022


The project takes place in 4 underprivileged villages in South India, where a large majority of the population is part of the Untouchable caste. Although this caste has been officially abolished, in practice, these populations are still largely discriminated against and excluded from essential services such as access to running water, sanitation and waste management.

The project presented aims at developing access to essential services with the implementation of an integrated waste management system, which will also create income-generating activities (via the production of vermicompost and manufacture of combustible briquettes). At the same time, the association will raise awareness of waste management and the environment among the population.

The organization has already set up various actions for the inhabitants of these 4 villages, including the installation of collective filtration systems for the management of drinking water, the construction of sanitary facilities and the creation of vegetable gardens.

120women trained in the production of vermi-compost and 48 women in the production of fuel briquettes
4villages, nearly 4000 people sensitized to waste sorting

The association

Kynarou conducts development aid projects, particularly in the establishment of sustainable access to water and sanitation. It intervenes in disadvantaged areas where the lack of water and sanitation structures are the main vector of poverty, disease, and difficult daily living conditions.

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