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Improving the social status of girls from deprived rural families living in bush villages in the region of Zinder

YARA LNC Niger Project supported in 2020


The project

The situation of girls in Niger is particularly worrisome. Indeed, 78% of them get married before the age of 18 and suffer harshly from the resulting social and sanitary consequences: early pregnancy, social exclusion, school dropout… In bush villages like those in the area of Zinder, where this project is implemented, social parameters preventing girls from getting an education are all the more embedded and difficult to counter. The distance between schools and these marginalized villages contribute to a greater isolation of the girls and to the reinforcement of their precarious living conditions, offering them no opportunities for the future.

In this situation, the association Yara LNC leads an action program in Zinder and in the city of Niamey, in order to provide education to 400 children and young people – from both cities and rural areas. The association has opened 4 schools for these children and aims at reinforcing its actions in favour of girls, through the project presented hereby. This project will allow 106 girls aged 8 to 20, to receive an education and facilitate their social and professional integration. Supported until the end of their education, these girls will get a chance to become independent and will see their living conditions improved. The comprehensive support offered within the boarding schools will thus have a significant impact on their physical and mental health. Actions led across the villages will help raise awareness among parents on the importance of girls’ education and will guarantee the support of all members of the different communities.


106 girls aged 8 to 20 receiving education in the boarding schools of Zinder and Niamey
8bush villages made aware of the importance of girls’ education

The association

Founded in 2014, the Yara LNC association aims to support and implement – in France and worldwide – development and construction action, as well as many other initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions, access to education, employment, health and culture of precarious populations, especially children and young adults.

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