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Improving the social status of disadvantaged rural girls from bush villages in the Zinder region of Niger

Yara LNC Niger Projet soutenu en 2022 - Programme Education et leadership des femmes


The situation of girls in Niger is particularly worrying as 78% of them are married before the age of 18 and suffer the full force of the health and social consequences of this: early pregnancies, social exclusion, dropping out of school, etc. In the bush villages like Zinder, where the project is taking place, the social factors that hinder girls’ schooling are all the more deeply rooted and difficult to change. The distance that separates the schools from these isolated villages contributes to further isolating the girls and keeping them in precarious living conditions with no prospects for the future.

Faced with this situation, the association Yara LNC (Yara means “child” in Hausa, an African language spoken in West Africa) is conducting a programme of actions in Zinder and Niamey to provide access to education for more than 400 vulnerable rural and urban children and young people. With the support of the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation in 2020, the association has strengthened its actions dedicated to girls attending the 4 schools managed by the local association GRYK. The project supported aims to continue the actions aimed at young girls and to develop educational support (a new boarding school in Takieta, in a rural area, opened in September 2021).

60girls who can be accommodated by the boarding school
140vulnerable girls integrated into the education system

The association

Yara LNC, “The kids” in Hausa, aims to implement abroad development, construction, and other actions to improve the living conditions of at-risk children and young adults in the Sahel and their access to education and work, as well as to health and cultural activities.


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