Women’s rights and combating violence

Housing platform

Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes (FNSF) France, France Association supported in 2014 and from 2017 to 2019


The project

Each year in France, more than 30,000 women victims of domestic violence (WVDV) are accompanied by the 67-member associations of the FNSF. The issue of housing is essential: the waiting period for housing is a period of risk during which WVDV are more exposed to violence.

Since 2009, the FNSF has been carrying out a housing mission and thus acts in favour of the relocation of women victims, mainly in Île-de-France. In order to expand this mission on the national territory, the FNSF launched the Pass’ Logement Solidarité Femmes project, a digital platform to facilitate the relocation of the WVDV. The main objective of the platform is to relocate more women and reduce the waiting time so that they can move directly from the marital home to permanent housing without staying in a shelter. The platform also helps to simplify and harmonize relocation arrangements and improve partnerships between stakeholders.

75professionals trained on the challenges of relocating women victims of violence

The association

The purpose of the FNSF is to:

– combating all forms of violence against women and children, especially within the couple and family (physical, psychological, sexual, etc.), and their consequences,

– preventing violence and promoting gender equality,

– federating, facilitating and coordinating the network of member associations,

– represent associations and be a driving force for proposals to the public authorities, media, professionals and public opinion.

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