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Heroines in the region

Ateliers du Féminisme Populaire France, France Association supported in 2019


The project

In France, the situation of women in the priority areas has deteriorated significantly over the past 10 years. Often from immigration, massively removed from employment or holding precarious contracts, these women are victims of multiple discriminations that hinder their integration and their access to the systems of common law.

In response to this observation, the association Les Ateliers du Féminisme Populaire has created the program «Heroines in the region», a support program for autonomy and entrepreneurship training dedicated to women from the priority neighborhood. The programme has already made it possible to support 32 women from Melun (Seine and Marne) and Le Mée (Essonne) in the development of their professional associative or artistic project. It will now be duplicated in 3 new cities (Bondy and Sevran in Seine-Saint-Denis and Compiègne in Oise). The group modules, mentoring and company visits, will allow women to gain self-confidence and to have the necessary tools to develop their project.

90women integrated into the programme

The association

The association Ateliers du Féminisme Populaire has a double objective: to help, support and strengthen the autonomy of women; and to propose tools and actions to enable women to emancipate and access their rights.

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