Women’s rights and combating violence

Global support for women and girls who are victims of violence in Guyana

AGAV - Association Guyanaise d'Aide aux Victimes, aux femmes et familles France, France Project supported in 2022


In 2021, in France, French Guiana has the highest concentration of victims of domestic violence, with 10.4 women aged 20 or older per 1,000 inhabitants reporting having experienced violence. The region is as big as Austria and yet has only 300,000 inhabitants. The precariousness of the population, half of which live below the poverty line, is reinforced by isolation and the distance from public services.

In this context, AGAV acts in 15 of the 22 communes of the region, offering day care and mobile offices, as well as psychological, social, and legal support. It also organizes workshops for students from 14 to 17 years old and for young people under the supervision of the Judicial Protection of Youth to address the themes of equality, women’s rights, consent and sexuality.

500women beneficiaries each year, including 40 young girls and 280 young teenagers
2460beneficiaries over 3 years

The association

AGAV – Association Guyanaise d’Aide aux Victimes, aux femmes et familles :

Its main purpose is to make available to women, families, and victims, all legal, social, professional, economic, educational and health information; to promote women’s rights and equality between women and men; to promote access to rights in French Guyana; and to fight against violence and sexist prejudices.

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