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Formation Tournesol / Refugee Food

Refugee Food France, France Project supported in 2023


The Refugee Food association offers 6-month paid training courses in Paris and Marseilles, in partnership with companies (notably Sodexo and Compass) in which beneficiaries, 80% of whom are women refugees with asylum status, complete internships. Depending on the willingness of the beneficiaries and their successful completion of the Certification de Qualification Professionnelle Agent de Restauration, these companies also commit to hiring them in their catering departments. Beneficiaries are also offered comprehensive support, including French language courses for professional purposes, group workshops and individual socio-professional accompaniment. The association will also offer a free childcare service. Working in partnership with catering companies, this project will enable beneficiaries to be integrated into the world of work on a long-term basis. It also enables them to gain professional certification and a French language level attestation, recognized on the job market.

36refugees will benefit from the project, including 30 women.

The association

The association: The association pursues an objective of social utility and general interest, through its actions aimed at promoting the traditions, heritage and culinary know-how of the world’s regions. Through the universal power of cuisine, the association aims to:

  • Raise public awareness of the situation of refugees
  • Promote the socio-professional integration of refugees in the catering industry
  • Promote the world’s culinary heritage

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