Women and environment

Ensuring food security for rural populations through the training of women to market gardening in an agroecological farming

SOL Senegal Project supported in 2019


The project

In Senegal, a country deeply affected by climate change, the population from the rural area of Nguiguiss Bamba relies on agriculture and farming in order to live. Everyday, women spend about 4 hours manually drawing water from wells and transporting it, degrading their health and preventing them from dedicating themselves to other income generating activities.

In this context, SOL has committed to set up a solar powered drilling system, providing the local population a sustainable source of drinkable water. This project is aimed at bettering the living standards and the diet of women and their families thanks to the irrigation of an agroecological farm. These women will also be trained to vegetable gardening and craftsmanship, in order to gain autonomy by generating their own income.

Lastly, SOL is planning the experimentation of a safe and healthy water gestion system throughout the village, as well as the awareness on the preservation of natural resources and agroecology among young people from the area. The project will allow the promotion of sustainable farming practices, while reinforcing the financial status of women within their community.


100women trained to agroecological vegetable crops
750pupils taught about agroecology
10m3of drinkable water per hour made available for the population

The association

SOL develops programs as an alternative to the current growth model since 1980, in order to value local resources, and aims its actions at vulnerable population in rural areas.

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