Women and environment

Enabling women to have economic empowerment by teaching sustainable skills in avocado production

ADESAF Cameroon Project supported in 2020


The project

In the Bafoussam region of northern Cameroon, where nearly 80% of the population lives on agriculture, the effects of climate change and harmful agricultural practices, such as burning and deforestation, deplete the soil and destroy the local ecosystems. Avocado producers in this area face many difficulties caused by these issues, as well as the lack of storage infrastructure which results in a significant loss of their production.

ADESAF and its local partner RECOSAF, are launching a project to structure the sustainable avocado sector in the village of Bapi. It will allow avocado producers to secure their income and increase their yields, while preserving ecosystems through the adoption of more environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Women will be more economically independent, which will enable them to strengthen their place within the community and in the decision-making spaces.


300women trained in agroecological production
1female cooperative formed for processing avocados
10,000avocado plants planted

The association

The Association for Economic and Social Development in Africa (ADESAF) supports solidarity activities, vocational training and the development of employment in Africa.

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