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Casamasanté Senegal Project supported in 2022


The project takes place in Senegal, in the rural department of Oussouye. The traditions are very present and impact the living conditions of the girls. They have little or no access to information on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) or to necessities such as sanitary products. This department has one of the highest rates of early pregnancy in the country.

The Elle=Il project, led by Casamasanté, aims at raising awareness among teenagers about menstruation, gender equality and the fight against gender-based violence through the implementation of workshops in schools. It also fights against menstrual insecurity through the distribution of reusable sanitary products or cups to young girls. Finally, the project plans to set up a training program for young people so that they can become ambassadors for equality in their community.

4000adolescent girls benefit from the workshops
150girl leaders over 3 years are being formed to become equality ambassadors

The association

Created in January 2013, Casamasanté is an association whose objective is to facilitate access to health. Its vocation is to make basic care, screening, and health education accessible to children and families. The actions are targeted, integrated into existing social systems, and supported by motivated local teams and the participation of the population.

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