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Education of Afghan girls deprived of schooling by the Taliban

FEMAID Afghanistan Project supported in 2022


In Afghanistan, the Taliban takeover in August 2021 has had serious repercussions on the schooling of girls who no longer have access to education beyond primary school. Most of female teachers have lost their jobs. The only authorized education is a strictly religious education that excludes certain subjects such as mathematics, languages, social sciences and humanities.

The project of the Femaid organization aims at educating young girls from 11 to 18 years old by organizing clandestine classes. It will support the female teachers who no longer have a job by paying them for this teaching (the organization commits itself for one year with them). Online courses will be held, from high school to first year university in Dari, for the Afghan population that has remained in the country. The organization will set up events to raise awareness about women’s rights in Afghanistan.

18teachers recruited and paid during a year
270students benefiting from clandestine and online courses

The association

Femaid, created in 2001, aims at contributing to the renewal of school education through literary and artistic techniques in all countries at war, particularly in Afghanistan. It works in collaboration with local independent women’s associations that are not affiliated with warring political parties and participates in their medical and educational projects. Femaid wants to promote the rights, health and dignity of women and children in countries plagued by war and intolerance.

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