Women and environment

Educate vulnerable women in agro-ecological practices to provide their own food security

blueEnergy Nicaragua Project supported in 2021



In Bluefields, capital of the South Caribbean Coast region of Nicaragua, the population live in particularly difficult conditions. The city has no water system or waste-water treatment, which results in pollution of the subsoil, poor sanitation and no access to basic water supply. The pollution is worsened by climate changes that degrades the land, resulting in crop and food problems. This affects the population, particularly the vulnerable women.

Since 2009, the association blueEnergy has been building and installing water filters, deep wells and latrines to improve their access to water and sanitation in the region. More recently, the association has also set itself the mission of strengthening the food supply to these struggling populations through the distribution of agro-ecological practices.

The project aims to train 2 groups of women from the association in agro-ecological practices and micro-project management. This will enable them to receive the right tools to carry out agro-ecological principles such as the use of water filters, wood-saving cookers, but also have agricultural and ergonomic skills.

20elderly women from the association, trained in agroecology and micro-project management.
20women with disabilities from the association, trained in agroecology and micro-project management.

The association

blueEnergy was created in 2004 with the aim of strengthening access to energy for the vulnerable populations in the South Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

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